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 How To Do Your Own Pet Washing and Grooming

Without Getting Soaked! 

Giving a dog a bath can be as simple as rinsing him down in a child's swimming pool in the backyard during the summer, or as complex as a full-blown spa ritual, complete with bathing a harness and a bevy of fancy coat products designed to whiten, darken, brighten, do-tangle, shine, and leave your dog with a designer aroma to rival a fancy French perfume.  However, there are many ways to make bathing easier, and many ways in which bathing makes subsequent grooming sessions easier, too. 

About Pet Washing and Grooming

You have a large dog, so pet washing and grooming will not be the easiest of tasks. The first thing that you need to do is be sure that you have all of your grooming supplies nearby for easy reach. You certainly do not want a wet dog running through your house! The pet washing and grooming supplies that you need include nail clippers, grooming scissors, a towel, grooming shampoo, a brush, and a comb.

Next, get your dog and lead him into the bathtub, where all of the pet washing and grooming will take place. Turn the shower on, and get your dog’s coat nice and wet. Next, turn the shower head off, and take the grooming scissors and trim your dog’s coat. The amount of trimming that you do will depend on the season. If it is warmer, be sure to cut your dog’s coat a bit shorter so that the dog will be cooler. If it is colder, be sure to only give the coat a little trim so that the dog can stay warm.

Once you are done trimming the dog’s coat, be sure to clip the dog’s nails. This should really only be done if the dog’s nails are noticeably longer than they should be. Otherwise, if the dog walks a lot on pavement, that will naturally file the nails. Once this is done, collect the fur an the nail clippings from the bottom of the tub, wrap them in a tissue, and throw them away.

The next step is to shampoo the dog. Don’t use too much shampoo (use about a palm full for a large dog) and massage the shampoo into the dog’s coat. If the dog has any eye crust at the corners of its eyes, be sure to clean this at the same time. Once the dog’s coat is completely immersed in shampoo, turn the shower head on again, and rinse.

Next, be sure that all traces of the shampoo have been washed out of your dog’s coat, turn the shower head off, and towel dry any residual dampness for the dog’s coat. Use a hair dryer on medium heat, and you’re done!

Another method of drying that is commonly used in drying small breeds is the towel drying method.  Towel drying is usually used with small, short-haired breeds such as the Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, and Toy Manchester Terrier. The coat is rubbed briskly with the towel until it is dry.  This method is rarely used because many owners prefer the cage drying method, which is much faster.  However, if the special equipment is not available in the home, this method is sufficient.  However, do not to take the dog out until you are sure that the coat and skin are thoroughly dried.

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